Frequently Asked Questions


What is Insidr?

Insidr is a social photo app that allows you to combine the front and back camera of your phones to create original montages to show more details of a story, show before/after pictures or create cool artistic posts. Insidr is also a social community that lets you share your posts with your friends and people from around the world.

Insidr Basic

How do I save a photo to my album?

After taking both photos, you can tap the cross in the upper left corner of your Insidr. Two options will appear, and you’ll see ‘Save Image to Library’. Simply tap on this to save the insidr taken to your phone’s photo library.

If you choose to ‘Post’ the Insidr, your photo will automatically be saved to your image library. You have the option to turn this feature on or off in your settings.

Can I take a front/front or back/back?

Of course! While in camera mode, simply swipe left or right to change which camera is being used. You can also swipe up and down to choose between the upper or lower section oft he final insidr for your photo.

How do I get a Staff Pick/World Feed entry?

Our team monitors Insidr around the clock to hand pick great photos to put into the Staff Pick and World Feed. Please note: only photos with geo targeting may find their way into the World Feed.

Is there a way to upload a photo?

For our iOS app – yes. After you take a photo, just tap on it to open the option menu. It lets you decide between retaking the photo or uploading an image from your device library. This feature is coming to Android in near future.

What do I do if I made a typo on my caption?

You can edit your caption as often as you want by just tapping on it before you post your Insidr to the community. After you posted the Insidr, just go to your profile feed, select the insidr taken and tap on the action symbol in the upper right corner (box with arrow up). Several Insidr options will appear on the bottom. Simply select „Edit caption“ to change or remove typos.

Do I need Facebook to create a Insidr account?

No, we do not require Facebook to create a Insidr account. You also have the option to use an email address in place of Facebook.

Do I need an account to use Insidr?

You can view posts without an account. To post Insidrs you need an account.

How do I delete my Insidr account?

If you want to delete your account, go ahead and send your username to and we’ll delete it for you.

Can I post my Insidr to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc…?

Yes! After capturing a Insidr, you’ll be prompted to move forward by tapping an post button in the middle of our screen. If you connected Insidr with your social network accounts (settings section), you can cross post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Select the networks that apply. The selected items will turn colored. Hit ‘Post’ and we’ll share your photo across other platforms.

You can share your Insidr after already posting it as well. Just go to the post you want to share and click the share symbol in the upper right corner (box with arrow up), you will get a menu after that which shows all the ways you can share your Insidr photo.

Can I share this app with my friends?

You sure can invite them to Insidr! Visit the home menu, click ‘Find my Friends’ In your phone contacts tab, you’ll see the option to invite individual friends via SMS. Alternatively, you can share this link with

Account Settings

How do I access my settings?

Hit the menu button to display the side menu, then hit the settings button next to you name.

Can I change my username and password?

Yes! You can access that within your settings.

To change your username, look out for the ‘@’. Here you can type a new username into text field.

To change your password, look for the section in settings labeled ‘personal’ When you click ‘Change Password’ you will be prompted to provide your old password, and set a new one.

Can I change my profile photo?

Yes you have a couple of options for choosing a profile photo. Tap on ‘change’ in your settings. Here you’ll have the option to use your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram photo, or you can choose a photo from your image library.

How do I connect to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc..?

Within settings look for ‘Social Accounts’. In this section, you can connect or disconnect Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How do I logout of my profile?

Scroll to the bottom of your settings, and you’ll find ‘Logout’.

How can I enable/disable notifications?

To enable / disable notifications, visit ‘settings’. Under ‘Push Notifications’, you’ll have the option to modify settings. You can also only receive notifications from people that you follow.


Can I block someone?

Yes! Visit the profile of the individual, click on the circular gear at the upper right corner, and select block.

Can I unfollow someone?

You sure can. Visit the profile of the individual, click on the green check symbol (only appears if you are following the user) in the middle, to unfollow.

Are my photos public?

Currently, Insidr is a public platform. You have the option of hiding any of your photos from our public feed by adjusting your settings. If you have any feedback regarding privacy, please email us

How can I report a photo?

If you find a photo that violates our community guidelines, you can report it by tapping on the option symbol (box with arrow up) at the upper right corner. Here you should see a ‘Report’ option.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please email